Try LabArchives Electronic Laboratory Notebook!

Federica Fina
Wednesday 25 May 2016

LabArchives is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), an online version of a paper notebook, and it offers:

  • remote access
  • search function across your notebook and files (by keywords, tags, date, etc.)
  • ease of collaboration
  • links between data
  • and much more!

But see it for yourself! Until 18th July 2016 everyone with an University email address will be able to create an account and test LabArchives.
The first 30 users to start using LabArchives and who provide their feedback by the 18th July 2016 will be guaranteed access to a Professional Edition account with unlimited memory space for at least 12 months.
For more information about the pilot, how to create an account and how to provide feedback, visit our webpage

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