InstantILL now installed at IUPUI

Kyle Brady
Friday 12 July 2019

InstantILL, from Open Access Button, is a free tool to make inter library loans quicker cheaper and more straightforward. It was originally announced in March, and since then over 250 libraries have joined the waiting list to try it out.

“InstantILL is a next-generation interlibrary loan form that integrates with and complements systems that you already use to improve services, save money, and accelerate Open Access. InstantILL embeds into your website and turns your interlibrary loan form into one simple place where patrons can get legal access to any article through the library.” (Open Access Button)

OA Button

The main idea behind the ILL system is to pull together various methods of finding open access versions of articles into one simple form. This will provide users with content that is already freely available on institutional repositories and aggregation databases such as CORE for instance. Tina Baich, Associate Dean for Collections at Indiana University  – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) estimated that up to 15% of their ILL requests were for this freely available content.

So, by integrating InstantILL into their systems, IUPUI are able to automate a significant number of their requests.

Now, following a successful pilot phase, OA Button have announced that InstantILL has been successfully integrated into IUPUI’s interlibrary loans system. As well as providing users with freely available versions of articles, InstantILL also assists with the ILL request process by gathering metadata about articles and providing this to the ILL staff, saving users and staff time.

Open Access Button have released a detailed blog post which explains more about the user interface, the search methodology, the integration process, and more.

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