Springer OA agreement extended to 2021

Kyle Brady
Tuesday 16 July 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Springer Compact open access deal will continue until 2021.

Under the scheme corresponding authors at participating institutions publishing in a journal with the ‘Open Choice’ option will be offered open access at no additional cost. The deal also includes ongoing access to Springer’s subscription content.

The deal has been hugely successful so far in increasing the proportion on UK research articles that are Open Access, as well as serving as a benchmark for other publishers to follow. Since 2016 over 150 University of St Andrews articles have been published open access under the deal, benefiting authors from humanities, social sciences, and hard sciences.

We have also made a slight change to the ordering process so now open access is selected automatically, meaning the process is even more streamlined, and with less risk of accidental opt-outs.

Benefits to researchers include:

  • Increased visibility
  • Increased potential for citations
  • Increased potential for Impact
  • Articles are free to view, download, and reuse
  • Compliance with funders’ open access policies
  • Authors retain copyright
  • 100% of eligible articles made Open Access


The deal is open to corresponding authors at participating institutions, and the article must also be one of the following types: OriginalPaper, ReviewPaper, BriefCommunication or ContinuingEducation.

What’s the ordering process?

  • Once your article is accepted you’ll need to fill out the ‘My Publication’ form
  • The system will offer Open Access if any of these conditions are met:
  1. University of St Andrews as your institution
  2. St Andrews email address used
  3. On-campus IP address recognised
  • The Open Access Team will then receive a notification and approve the request

The Open Access Team have also arranged deals with other publishers, aimed at reducing complexity and the cost of open access publishing. These have been chosen based on recommendations and consultation with academic staff, and based on known publishing patterns and preferences. Access to the deals is dependent on meeting certain conditions, further information about these deals can be found on our webpages https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/library/services/researchsupport/openaccess/oamemberships/

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