Open Book Publishers 150 list – Annunciations

Kyle Brady
Thursday 8 August 2019

Last week we blogged Open Book Publishers 150th title.

Also included in the list of 150 is George Corbett‘s recently published edited volume Annunciations: sacred music for the twenty-first century [1].

Dedicated To the Cathedral Choir of St Albans Abbey, the project draws together contributions from theologians and musicians to show how music and belief can combine to enhance the practice and experience of both music and the divine. It was supported by the noted Scottish classical composer and conductor James MacMillan and the University Organist, Tom Wilkinson.

George said “We were delighted to publish our research open access with Open Book Publishers. In this volume, you can read about innovative collaborations between theologians and composers, as well as read the musical scores and listen to the new music at the click of a button. There are also reflections by leading composers, choir directors, and scholars on the future of sacred music in the twenty-first century.”

Book launch (left to right) Sir James MacMillan, Tom Wilkinson, Margaret McKerron, George Corbett, Kimberley Anderson, Michael Downes, and Seán Doherty

 While contributing to the treasure of sacred choral music is a key endeavour of this volume, it seems salutary to conclude, nevertheless, with Hopps’ openness to a variety of musical forms and idioms as potential mediators of profound religious experience.

(Corbett, 2019)

Open Access publication costs were jointly funded by the the Library Open Access Fund and the School of Divinity.

The book can be downloaded in several formats free of charge from the publisher website and a paperback copy can be borrowed from the University Library.
A pdf can be downloaded from the St Andrews Research Repository 

[1] Corbett, G (ed.) 2019, Annunciations: sacred music for the twenty-first century. Open Book Publishers, Cambridge.

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