20,000 items in the University’s Research Repository!

Kyle Brady
Friday 12 February 2021

We reached a huge landmark for the St Andrews Research Repository – we now have over 20,000 items! This is a community effort, bringing together academics and support staff in a common goal to promote and extend our research publications, theses, and grey literature.  It clearly demonstrates the University’s commitment to open research.

Of the 20,000 items, we have over 12,000 journal articles, over 5,500 theses, hundreds of books, chapters, and working papers. Plus many other research publications!

The 20,000th item to go in was ‘An open access dataset for developing automated detectors of Antarctic baleen whale sounds and performance evaluation of two commonly used detectors‘, published in the fully open access journal, Scientific Reports.  The article presents a library of annotated recordings of marine mammal sounds captured from multiple locations around Antarctica, which the senior research fellow from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Danielle Harris contributed to, conceiving the sub-sampling scheme for acoustic data.

Detector locayions
Map of Antarctic underwater recording sites. Copyright Authors, CCBY https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-78995-8

The library is intended to help others develop more accurate detectors and to improve automated techniques to analyse captured sounds:

“The annotated library we present here can serve as a benchmark upon which detectors can be developed, compared, and improved upon.”

Read more about this article via the repository here, and take a look at the associated data avaiable at Australian Antarctic Data Centre .

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