Wiley 2021 Read and Publish deal restriction

Michael Bryce
Thursday 20 May 2021

As we reported last year Wiley is a capped deal that Jisc closely monitors in case the UK fund is used up too quickly

Wiley and Jisc have esimated that from 1 July 2021 our deal will be restricted to articles funded by UKRI, Wellcome Trust and the former COAF charities – Blood Cancer UK, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and Versus Arthritis. This will help to ensure most funded research will be published under the agreement until the end of 2021 even with the current high usage.


  • Researchers who acknowledge different funders are advised to check their policies to ensure the Green subscription route meets any Open Access requirement and check whether their grant has a provision for eligible research publications costs if Gold OA is needed.
  • Researchers with no funding submitting to Wiley fully Open Access journals can apply to the Institutional Open Access Fund (IOAF).
  • Researchers submitting to Wiley hybrid journals whose funder doesn’t have an OA requirement or who have no funding can achieve OA on the Green route by depositing their accepted manuscript after peer review into Pure where the OA team will arrange to make it public in the St Andrews Research Repository, once the publisher embargo has expired.

For help and support contact [email protected].

Feature image credit: paulocsarcarvalho

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