STACEES Sustainability Series OA digital booklet launched

Kyle Brady
Friday 29 October 2021

To bring Open Access Week to a close, we are excited to announce the release of a new open access digital booklet from the St Andrews Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability (STACEES)! The digital booklet is the first volume in a new series focussing on environmental sustainability issues and consists of 15 articles showcasing research from a broad spectrum of disciplines representing the diversity of STACEES members.

Molly Williams, Giving the Ocean a Face, sunken sculptures
Molly Williams’ photography exhibit, ‘Giving the Ocean a Face‘ features in the STACEES virtual image gallery

“Each article showcases the cutting-edge work of a researcher or research team at the University of St Andrews.[…] The Sustainability Series is multidisciplinary; it features projects relating to climate inequality, environmental humanities, ecosystems, biodiversity, energy, sustainable technologies and climate change, approached from a broad range of perspectives, and collaborations from across the University.” (STACEES,

The digital booklet has already been launched in hardcopy, and this latest announcement marks the release of a new open access version available via the St Andrews Research Repository. The Open Access team have been working alongside colleagues from STACEES, Dr Sarah Bennison and Laura Pels Ferra, to raise the visibility of the publication online. All agreed that a collection in the University’s Research Repository would be the most beneficial option, as this widens the reach of research, makes it more findable in search engines, and in this case we were also able to issue DOIs  – which are widely recognised persistent identifiers for online objects, giving greater long-term link stability and allowing them to be easily shared and cited.

We asked Sarah and Laura for their thoughts on the STACEES network project, and the new OA digital booklet:

“Climate change affects us all so it’s only right that the public has access to information about the issues that we as a generation are facing. Perhaps most importantly, it’s vital that the research community has the ability to openly communicate what the key challenges relating to the environment and sustainability are, and what can be done to better understand and tackle them. The STACEES network (St Andrews Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability) works to enhance the visibility of the innovative and diverse research on these issues by our researchers at the University of St Andrews.

We’re extremely grateful to the University’s Open Access team for supporting the open dissemination of The Sustainability Series. This digital booklet—also available as a series of individual articles—showcases the University’s research on climate, energy, the environment, and sustainability in an accessible format, using accessible language. We’re delighted that these outputs are available through the Research Repository so they can be freely accessed and enjoyed. No doubt having this project featured in the Repository also means the project can be stumbled across by browsing users too!

We’re incredibly proud of the important work our researchers are doing and we’re delighted that, through open access, their work on one of the most urgent issues of our time can reach a wider audience.”

We too are delighted to be able to share this collaboration, and are really excited to be given the opportunity to raise awareness of sustainability issues.

All 15 articles are available to download for free and without barriers from the Repository collection, and via the STACEES website.

The full digital booklet can be accessed and downloaded via its own DOI:

And be sure to check out the STACEES website to find out more about events, research and news:





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