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The Great Science Publishing Scandal

For centuries academic journals have been the custodians of scientific knowledge. But in the past few decades this has become increasingly contentious, as publishers continue to boast high profit margins, and their customers, largely academic libraries, continue to face squeezed budgets. Some libraries have cancelled subscriptions, some countries have been in deadlocked negotiations with publishers…

3 May 2019Open access Publishers

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Kirsty

In the last in this series of posts introducing the Open Access Team, we have Kirsty. Kirsty is the newest member of the team, joining the team in 2015. Amongst many other things, Kirsty assists with creating Pure records for new staff, and with monitoring newly created publication records. Kirsty also has the ‘Full text…

19 October 2018

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Kyle

All this week we’ve been peering behind the curtain to get a better look at the Open Access team in the Library. You can see all the previous posts here. Today we’ll hear from Kyle. Kyle’s Pure filters are mainly trained on Humanities and Social Science schools, as well as Psychology and Neuroscience and Chemistry.…

18 October 2018

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Michael

In this second post in a series aimed at introducing the Open Access team here at St Andrews, we have Michael. The first post in this series mentioned that the open access team members each have filters set up in the Research Information System (Pure), and we explained that each member of the team has…

17 October 2018

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Jackie

In this first ‘Meet the team’ post we’ll hear from Jackie. Jackie is the Repository & Open Access Services Manager, and oversees the publications side of Pure, the University’s Research Repository, and our journal hosting platform OJS. 1.    What do you say when people ask, “So, what do you do for a living?” Within the…

16 October 2018

Behind the scenes with the OA team

In this post we’ll look behind the scenes at the University’s Open Access team. And we will follow this up with posts introducing the individual members of the team. Most of the work we do behind the scenes is invisible, so called ‘auto-magical’ if you will. In some ways this is a good sign, to…

15 October 2018